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Look here for help planning you trip to Apple Mountain for EAST COAST MOTORCYCLE RALLY " 2013 "

Q: Why a East Coast Motorcycle Rally?
A:  Starting as a few friends gathering every summer to ride and party in the mountains, to thousands today, the East Coast Motorcycle Rally is evolving as the place for motorcyclist's to round up the summer riding season on the East Coast.
Q: What's in Little Orleans Maryland?
A:  Not much! That is probably the best thing about the place and why it's the home of the East Coast Motorcycle Rally. Plenty of mountains, rivers, creeks and streams.
A bar, a campground, a gas station/store and APPLE MOUNTAIN CAMPING AND FESTIVAL GROUNDS. And of coarse some of the best bike riding roads. Other than that Little Orleans is a out of the way spot surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of uninhabited mountain wilderness, then the East Coast Motorcycle Rally rolls around!
Q:  What will be there during the event?
A:   Apple Mountain will transform into a virtual town of thousands overnite. Food and merchandise vendors open for business, The two stages come alive with bands, contest and other activites. Field events and of course the Motorcycle Demolition Derby. Four fun filled days and nights of living the biker lifestyle. 
Q:  How far is the nearest town? ( hotels, stores etc..)
A:   The City of Cumberland Maryland is a scenic 25 minute ride on interstate 68 west and has plenty of hotels, motels, stores and services. Also hospitals and attractions. Go to www.mdmountainside.com for more detailed info. Hancock Maryland is a 25 minute ride east on interstate 68 or on some really great back mountain roads. Hancock is a speck of a town but offers a couple a grocery stores, hotels, food joints and country charm.  
Q:   How far is Little Orleans from my home in......?
A:   Little Orleans Maryland is a 2 hour drive/ride from the center of Baltimore or Washington DC. 2 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh, Pa. 3 hours from Richmond Va. And people from much, much farther away have all said Apple's  "East Coast Motorcycle Rally" is well worth the ride! 
Q:   What do we need to bring with us to the East Coast Motorcycle Rally?
A:   It's up to you depending on your style of camping. You may bring a camper, RV, and all the camping supplies you would take on any camping trip. Or you can live out of a van or car if thats your style. Many arrive with only their motorcycle, limiting the amount of gear they can pack. If you are one of these people you may want read the following question.
Q:   Can we buy food, water and supplies on the event grounds?
A:   East Coast Sturgis will have multible food vendors with a wide variety of food items. These vendors have been selected out of many applicants to insure quality. Ice is also sold to help keep you own food and maybe beer supply coldOther stores are in the area that carry many items for those that pack lite or those that forget things. From tin foil, charcoil and ligher fluid, to band aids, tooth brushes and earplugs, the store will have enought supplies to get you though the week with out ever having to leave!
Q:   What other kind of vendors will be at the event?
A:   Leather, riding gear, pins, patches, motorcycle parts and accessaries to name a few. Also custom motorcycle dealers, mc trailer dealers, even motocycle art. The cool thing is we pick our vendors so everyone isn't selling the same thing.Hard to say what you may find. Lot's of variety.
Q:   What about campfires and firewood?
A:   Firewood is for sale in the vending area, you may bring wood or gather wood if you find it. The East Coast Motorcycle Rally management reserves the right to stop any fire building management deems dangerious or rectless. Anyone that does not respect and comply with this policy will be ejected from the event for the safety of all. So please use common sense.
Q:   What about BEER?
A:   The Little Orleans Volanteer Fire Department sells ice cold canned beer on the grounds at a very reasonable rate. You may bring your own and the campground next door and the Exxon at the highway (5 miles away) sell beer to go.
Q:   Are there hot showers and bathrooms?
A:   Yes. We are very proud of our ultra modern, attended shower trailers, each trailer is equipped with multible, lockable shower/changing areas. Porta-lets are located in the camping and staging areas also.
Q:   Why should I purchase advance tickets?
A # 1:   People that buy advance tickets are entered into a drawing that takes place on Saturday nite August 11th during the event. 1st prize - 8  tickets to next years East Coast Motorcycle Rally! A $ 400 value. 2nd prize - 4 tickets. A $200 value. 3rd prize - 2 tickets. A $100 value. Each ticket purchased counts as 1 entry into the drawing and only advance tickets holders are entered.
A # 2:   This event is really growing fast. Most people want to stay on APPLE MOUNTAIN, the main event grounds. Your advance ticket guarantee's you a spot on the main grounds. The event grounds are surrounded by other camping area's so you can always attend, but by purchasing in advance you know you'll be in the thick of it!  Also advance tickets  save $10 a person, that can add up to some serious beer money quick, 5 tickets, bam, you got a keg!  And we'll sell you the ice for it!
Q:   We go to events to party and have fun, not for any bull#$*@. Is the East Coast Motorcycle Rally a good natured crowd?
A:   To say the least, seems like everyone that attends East Coast Sturgis is there for the same thing. FUN. We have never even thought we might have any problems. But as a extra measure we do hire Deputies from The Allegany County Sheriff's Department. These guys are great. They have been working the  Annual Maryland State Abate Party at the Cumberland Fairgrounds for many, many years. They know bikers, they like bikers, hell' couple of  'um are bikers. They stay on the admission gate at East Coast Sturgis, but of coarse they are also always on hand to help maintain a trouble free event. And we also have a large staff of our own good people (freindly bikers) on the grounds during the entire event.
  First I want to thank everyone for supporting my event the " East Coast Motorcycle Rally ". I have enjoyed the the freedom of this mountain I'm on for my entire life. Now I'm getting to share it with many. Living the old school biker lifestyle, I've left the mountain, I've traveled and lived all over this country, but always I've come back to Apple Mountain. What brings me back, or is it what drives me back, I can't quite put into perfect words. It's like a feeling, a feeling you get when you leave your worry's behind. You turn on the TV and you get bombarded nowadays. THE War, THE Economy, one thing after another. MAYBE East Coast Sturgis is a place to put that all away for a few days. I think this event probably grew out of that feeling. Everybody coming up here to the mountain to get away from the hassles.
WITH THIS SAID: If you have a attitude, a hard time playing with others, don't ruin ANYBODY'S GOOD TIME!   STAY HOME!  
        KEN APPEL


Contact Email: kenappel@wildblue.net

31307 Oldtown Orleans Rd, Little Orleans  MD 21766     301-723-0213