Charter Member Requirements


See if you make the grade.


       Think I got ‘er figured out. No, not the little woman, never will figure ‘er out so I quit trying. Talking about this Charter Membership deal. Charter Memberships all have requirements, most are pretty stiff. With that said I think we're being pretty fair. So for folks that don’t meet those requirements THIS YEAR, I hope you understand. You can qualify next year just by buying advance tickets this for this years rally. And for the folks that have been chomping at the bit since Oct. or so, hope you understand life’s not all work, yep, I’ve been playin’ a bit! Sorry ya’all had to wait for me to get it outta’ my system. I’ll be working double time from here on out. So here’s the deal:


1.         First thing is that you are a LOYAL ATTENDEE of the;

The "East Coast Motorcycle Rally   I have to be able to verify that you have bought advance tickets for at least ONE other previous "East Coast Motorcycle Rally".  How---though the records we have. Records from previous years advance ticket sales. Also, this year only, we’ll except names  taken from the release forms that all attendee’s should have signed when they first came though the gate.I’ll bet about now certain people are probably regretting the prankster trait in them that came out that sunny day way back in August. You know who you are, the Jack Meoffs, Ima Pains.etc…How about this guy, Harry Dickout? Also, you have to write so we can read those names and addresses. Needless to say we didn’t or couldn’t save your info. Sorry, but we understand such behavior, you being all pumped up while your sitting at the gate within minutes of being right in the middle of the best event around! 

2.      BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR “2017” NOW. TO QUILIFY AS A CHARTER MEMBER THIS YEAR YOU MUST PURCHASE ADVANCE TICKETS BY April 1ST, 2017. (Standard advance tickets will still be available for purchase up until August 1st, 2017.)

3.           OH YEA’ ya gotta be at least 21 yrs old!REMEMBER!!

 a.        I have to be able to verify that you have bought advance tickets for  ONE  previous  "East Coast Motorcycle Rally". Give send your request for a password with the name and address you think you had your tickets sent to.

   b.    PURCHASE ADVANCE TICKETS BY APRIL 1ST, 2017.  c.    Must be 18 or older!   So if you qualify already, sign up now.  MAINTAINING MEMBERSHIP     Every year a date will be set for Charter Members to buy Advance tickets. Buy by that date   and that keeps your membership active. Miss the deadline date or a year and you lose membership and can not renew it. That’s what Charter Member means. Even if you can not make a Rally for unforeseen reasons just buy for a friend with your ID # and you will still stay active.  So have fun in the Charter Member Area and we will see you up on   Apple Mountain.  

14th Annual
AUGUST 9TH, 10TH, 11TH, 12th & 13TH, 2017

APPLE MOUNTAIN PRUDUCTIONS * 31307 Oldtown Orleans rd SE * Little Orleans * MD * 21766